Wilson Seed Farms, Inc uses no-till seed drills that can plant into sites that have had existing vegetation eliminated with herbicides. We can also plant into a well packed field or waterway that has been disked and packed to firm the soil before planting. Wilson Seed Farms can provide specific seed mixes to comply with NRCS requirements. We can also create custom seed mixes for any particular environmental condition.



Wilson Seed Farms, Inc uses a custom made seed stripper to harvest Prairie Grasses and/or wildflowers. By utilizing the seed stripper to harvest the seed, there is little to no destruction of the established habitat. The Seed Stripper strips the seed head off of the plant without cutting the plant off, leaving the plant intact for wildlife habitat.



With years of experience Wilson Seed Farms is dedicated to providing a complete Ecological assessment to client’s property. Whether it be a woodland setting or a backyard prairie, Wilson Seed Farms is committed to providing results to each individual client.


CONSERVATION RESERVE PROGRAM (CRP) is a voluntary program that offers annual rental payments and cost-share assistance to establish cover on eligible cropland. The program encourages farmers to plant resource conserving covers to improve soil, water and wildlife resources. Contract duration is 10 yrs.



Conservation Reserve enhancement program (CREP) is a voluntary program that offers annual rental payments, cost-share assistance, and incentives to put eligible cropland into set aside. The program helps producers and landowners protect environmentally sensitive land, reduce land erosion, restore wildlife habitat, and protect surface water. Eligible land must have a cropping history and requires a 10-15 yr commitment. Eligible ground needs to be in a floodway, wetland, or on Highly Erodible Land (HEL) adjacent to a floodway. Contract extensions with lump sum payments through the program can be for 15, 35 years, or made permanent contracts.



Wildlife habitat incentive program (WHIP) is a voluntary program for people who want to develop and improve wildlife habitat. Through WHIP USDA’s NRCS Service provides both technical and up to 75 percent cost-share assistance to establish and improve wildlife habitat. WHIP contract are 5-10 years in length.



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